UDC 39(05)

ISSN 0350-0861


Editor in chief:
Dragana Radojičić

Editorial board:
Gojko Subotić,

Radost Ivanova,

Natalija Puškareva,

Elena Uzeneva,

Elephterios Alexakis,

Peter Slavkovsky,

Sofija Miloradović,

Bojan Žikić,

Jelena Čvorović,
Mladena Prelić,

Ljiljana Gavrilović

Marija Đokić

Accepted for publication by the reference of associate member of SASA Vojislav Stanovčić at the VIII session,
Depatrment of Social Sciences SASA, December 13 th 2005


Publication title

Australian Kinship

Everyday Life through the Eyes of Ethnologists

Gypsy Ethnic Socialization in Serbia

An Example of Ethnic Exogamy and Identity: the Serbs in Budapest and its Surroundings

Ethno-cultural Duality and (Ethnic) Stereotypes

Daily Life in the Enclave Vitina

Ethnicity and Integration in the historical Context – Serbs in Timisoara

The Attitudes of Serbian "Returnees": About Identity of the Serbs and Croats

Mixed Marriages

"Orthodoxing" the Identity of Serbian Youth

On Reception of the Church Byzantine Music in Belgrade at the End of 20th Century and Beginning of 21st Century

Religious and Civic Education: A Critique of Elements of Educational Reform in Serbia 2000-2003

The White Angel: Where He Sits and What He Does?

An Individual and His Family

Gender Affiliation and Inheritance

The Gender in Bulgarian Proverbs

Lime-Kiln - a craft not used any more

Explaining the Audience in Ethnographic Discourse: еxit noise summer fest

Identity in a Virtual Community: the Case of Forum "The Sign of Sagita"

Tsunami Diaries

Memorial Service – a Means of Communication with the Dead

Apparitions in Western Serbia

Folklore Text in a Process of Oblivion

Ethnology in Russia. The New Projects of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Traditional Competitive Childrens' Games as an Instrument of Socialization in Tovariševo

Sad Destiny of the Children of the Cruel Parents

Old-Vlah Era from the Ivanjica District: Construction from the Time of Jovan Cvijić and Contemporary Images

Alternative Medicine – Soul Healers

Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies