UDC 39(05)

ISSN 0350-0861


Editor in chief:
Dragana Radojičić

Editorial board:
Gojko Subotić,

Radost Ivanova,

Marina Martinova,

Natalija Puškareva,
Elena Uzeneva,

Milica Bakić-Hayden,

Elephterios Alexakis,

Peter Slavkovsky,
Sofija Miloradović,

Bojan Žikić,

Jelena Čvorović,
Mladena Prelić,

Ljiljana Gavrilović

Marija Đokić

Accepted for publication by the reference of associate member of SASAVojislav Stanovčić at the VII session, Department of Social Sciences SASA, September 12 th 2006


Publication title

Benefaction and Benevolence: The Concept of the Pure Gift and Realization of the Community in Greece. An Anthropological Approach

"Those Were the Difficult Years..." Oral Accounts of Vlachophones from their Captivity in Požarevac, Serbia

Serbian Colony in Thessalonica – Personal Names and Ethnic Markers in Registers (1896-1945)

Stereotypes Concerning Greeks in Serbian Language

Traditional Perception of Greeks in Serbian Oral Tradition

Christian Identity of Secular Europe

"Da Vinci Code" – a Trial Step-Stone of Belonging to ...

Use of Traditional Motives in Serbian Science-Fiction Literature

Electronic Folklore Among Teenagers: SMS Messages

Kiosk – a Critical Examination in Urban/Political Anthropology

Meanings and Function of Mythical Places in "New Culture": a Comparative Analysis of Biographies of Miroslav Ilić and Željko Joksimović

"The Ideal Ethnographer"

A New Approach to Magic

Managing HIV/HCV-related Risk at Private Places Among Belgrade Injecting Drug Users

Condom as a Professional Symbol Among the Persons Engaged in Sex Work in Belgrade

Family and Marital Affairs in 19th Century Serbia

Social Status of Rural Women in the Focus of a Developmental Project

Dress and Fashion

Costume Style from Vrčin

Christian and Pre-Christian Dimension of Ritual Procession

"Oganj: Association of Cremation in Belgrade" - Development, Ideas and Symbols

Displaying Nationality as Traditional Culture in the Belgrade Ethnographic Museum: Exploration of a Museum Modernity Practice

The Change in Ethnic Identity Strategy of Germans in Subotica in the Second Half of the 20th Century

Christmas Customs Among Serbs in Timisoara

Jovan Mišković: A Forgotten Ethnographer and Geographer

Pregledni člаnci

Greek Theatre in the Context of Cult and Culture – Different Theoretical Approaches

Anthropology, Тurism and Тransition: Concepts of Tourism Development in Knjaževac

Relativism and Anthropology

Reception of Structuralism Exemplified by Research on Rite-de-Passage in Serbian Ethnology and Anthropology

Ethnobotany – a New Discipline