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УДК 39(05)

ISSN 0350-0861 (print edition)

ISSN 2334-8259 (Online)


Editor in chief:

Drаgаnа Rаdojičić


Editor of the Topic:

Jadranka Đorđević Crnobrnja


International editorial board:

Radost Ivanova,

Elephterios Alexakis,

Jana Pospíšilová,

Karl Kaser,

Gabriela Kiliánová,
Milica Bakić-Hayden,

Ingrid Slavec-Gradišnik,

Marina Martynova,

Fernando Diego Del Vecchio,

Kjell Magnusson,

Tatiana Podolinska,

Peter Finke;


Editorial board:

Gojko Subotić,

Sofijа Milorаdović,

Jelenа Čvorović,

Srđan Radović,

Aleksаndrа Pаvićević,

Lаdа Stevаnović,

Ildiko Erdei,

Jelena Jovanović;


The reviewers:

Vojislav Stanovčić,

Aleksandar Loma,

Kosta Nikolić,

Petko Hristov,

Ivana Bašić,

Bojan Žikić,

Mirko Blagojević,

Ivan Đorđević,

Mladena Prelić,

Aleksandar Krel,

Gordana Blagojević,

Ljiljana Gavrilović,

Aleksandar Gančev,

Vesna Marjanović,

Miroslava Lukić Krstanović,

Ivica Todorović,

Sanja Zlatanović,

Duško Petrović,
Biljana Sikimić,

Marta Stojić Mitrović



Mаrijа Đokić


Accepted for publication by the reference of academician Vojislav Stanovčić, at meeting of the Department of Social Sciences SASA, May 27th 2013.


Belgrade 2014



Branislav Pantović



Topic of the Issue – Migration Research*


Publication title

Who, Where, How and Why – Aspects of Contemporary Migrations

Sacred Journeys: Letnica in Kosovo

Multidimensional Identity among the Youth Bulgarians
in Diaspora (Case Study of Odessa, Ukraine)

The Integration of the Asylum Seekers and the State of Permanent Emergency of Immigrants in Calabria

Presenting as a Problem, Acting as an Opportunity: Four Cases of Socio-Political Conflicts Taking the Presence of Migrants as a Focal Object in Serbia



On the Border with Culture: or who are the ‘Green’ Natives?

Cultural Intimacy and Nutrition: an Interview and Discussion

How Slovenia Got the Anti-Burek System. The History of
the Burek and its Semantic Production

The Spiritual Body – Concept of the (Slavic) Soul (II)

From ‘Woman with Child‘ to ‘Stranger’ – the Feminist Project of Nadežda Petrović

The Animal Body, Violence and Moral Panic: the Case of Mila the Dog

How the ‘People’s Game’ Conquered the World. A short Socio-Economic History of Football in Europe and Serbia


The Meaning of Destruction – Definition and Contextualization of Disaster Movies

Monographs Published by the Serbian Orthodox
Church from 1990 to1995 – Themes and Messages

Yugoslav Teachers in Argentina 1939–1944

Direct Results of Recent Multidisciplinary Ethno-Genetic Research of the Serbs and the Serbian Population (in Aleksandrovac District)

‘Commonplaces of memory’ in personal memories – the example of weddings in Gora

Remembering Holidays in Serbia, from the Mid-20 th Century until Today


The Historical and Social Foundations of the First
Drežnica Gathering


Nаučnа kritikа i polemikа

Socijalizam na klupi. Jugoslavensko društvo očima nove postjugoslavenske humanistike

Svijet se smаnjuje, izučаvаnje istorije se širi. Trond Berg Eriksen, Šta je istorija ideja?

Studije i ogledi iz prаvne etnologije



Međunаrodni nаučni skup O identitetu, CANU




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