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Ethnicity in a Post-War Region: The Serbian Community of Southeast Kosovo



Sanja Zlatanović

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It is with deep sadness that we inform you that our dear colleague Petrija Jovičić passed away on October 9th 2018. Her scientific biography and bibliography http://www.etno-institut.co.rs/eng/team/petrija_j.php are a, although brief, testament of her rich artistic, scientific and pedagogical career. A thorough story of the person she was exceeds the scope of this short announcement, and remains in the memories of her family, her friends and colleagues. With Petrija's name the epithet "dear" is not a formality, but a description of an essential trait of her character. She was enthusiastic, hardworking, devoted, well meaning, always with a smile, kind and lovely, with a serenity and gentle briskness, visible in her painting, Petrija possessed a fascinating energy. Her early passing leaves us bereaved. Her presence in the Institute of Ethnography SASA made us better and enriched us all through a wonderful experience of professional cooperation and sincere friendship with a person both noble and strong. We will always miss her. 


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