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Srdjan Radović (1976, Podgorica), PhD in socio-cultural anthropology, and research associate of the Institute of Ethnography of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA). He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Belgrade University) in 2002, became M. Phil. in 2007, and PhD in 2012 (all in socio-cultural anthropology from the same faculty). He has been a research fellow of the Serbian Ministry of Science since 2005, and in 2008 he became a research assistant of the Institute of Ethnography SASA (research associate in 2013). He took part in three basic-research projects of his home institution, and in three international projects pursued in collaboration between the Institute of Ethnography and partner institutes from Slovenia and Bulgaria - since 2011 he's been engaged on Institute's fundamental research project Cultural Heritage and Identity. He published three books and many papers, reviews and translations. He edited one themed volume, participated in dozen scientific conferences, is a member of the editorial boards of Glasnik Etnografskog instituta SANU, Glasnik Etnografskog muzeja and Etnoantropološke sveske scientific journals, and of the IBIS scientific internet library, lectures at several academic and educational institutions in Serbia and abroad, co-organized several conferences and so on. Radović was a visiting scholar in Germany (2014) and Latvia (2015), and he pursues fieldwork in several countries of former Yugoslavia. He is a member of associations ICOM, InASEA and EADS. His research is focused on issues of politics of identity, memory and public space.


Selected bibliography

Books and edited volumes:


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Published papers:


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Conference attendances:


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Scientific critiques and reviews:


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