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Teodora Jovanovic

Teodora Jovanović

e-mail: teodora.jovanovic@ei.sanu.ac.rs

Teodora Jovanović was born in 1993 in Belgrade, where she finished primary school and gymnasium. She graduated from Faculty of Philosophy in 2016, department of Ethnology and Anthropology, where she also finished her master’s degree with thesis “Attracting money: Materialism, money and feng shui in postsocialist capitalism”. She has begun her doctoral studies in 2017. On doctoral studies, she is researching refugeeness and migration of the population from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. From 2018 she is engaged in the project financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development “Multiethnicity, multiculturalism, migrations – contemporary processes” as a research-trainee in the Ethnographic Institute SASA.
During her studies she has been engaged in activism and she is a member of a few organizations. She worked in “Refugee Aid Miksalište”, an aid center for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in Belgrade. She is interested in topics such as religion, migration, gender relations, material culture and globalization.