Dejan Petković

Dejan Petković

Academic title: мaster

Research position: Istraživač pripravnik

Polja istraživanja: antropologija religije, novi religijski pokreti/koncepti, orijentalizam, budizam

Scientific conferences and study trips

Research assistant since 2023.

2022. enrolled doctoral studies in Ethnology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

2022. completed master’s studies in Multidisciplinary graduate studies of Religion, at the University of Belgrade

2018. graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Department for Oriental Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Scientific conferences and study trips

2023. participated in the eighth international sociological-religious conference "Religious Education and Religiosity of Young People" at Srebrno Jezero, organized by the Institute of Social Sciences and the Center for Empirical Studies of Religion

2022. participated in the seventh international sociological-religious conference "Religion in the Global Crisis of Late Modernity" at Srebrno Jezero, organized by the Institute of Social Sciences (Forum for Religious Issues and Center for Sociological and Anthropological Research)

Petković, D. (2022). Results of Qualitative Research of Buddhist Community in Serbia. Todorović, D., Matić, Z., Blagojević, M. (Eds.). (2022). Religion in late modern society: (a thematic collection of papers of international significance). Yugoslav Association for the Scientific Study of Religion (YSSSR); Committee of education and culture of the Diocese of Požarevac and Braničevo.