Scientific policy planning and Strategy development

The Working Group for the development of the EI SASA`s Strategy Framework aims to create a strategic document that will be in accordance with the legal frameworks, as well as the strategic direction of science of Serbia in the coming period (Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia).

Doors Open Day

“Open Door” Working Group deals with the popularization and presentation of the work of the EI SASA to various audiences. Within the premises of the Institute a number of lectures and workshops for primary and secondary school students have been organized; while externally, the Institute has been involved in the “Researchers` Night” event. If any institution is interested in cooperating with the Institute of Ethnography of SASA and learning about its research work, please email: , “EI SASA Open Door” as the title, to (if the epidemiological situation permits) organize a visit.

Complimentary Book

It organizes donations of the EI SASA`s publications to all the interested institutions and individuals both home and abroad. It is directly connected to Institutes’ Visits and “Open Door” Working Group.

Public relations

The Working Group for Public Relations regularly informs the scientific community and the general public about the activities of the EI SASA (current scientific research, meetings, conferences, round tables, new publications of the Institute and their promotions), thus contributing to the popularization and promotion of science.

Institute`s visits

The Working Group for Institutes` Visits establishes connections with similar institutions in Serbia and the region and organizes mutual visits and work presentations (presentations of publications, projects, exhibitions, lectures, etc). The goals of these activities are to circulate information regarding the work of the EI SASA as well as to obtain information about the work of others, maintain good collegial relations and to develop various opportunities for inter-institutional cooperation.

Institute of Ethnography SASA Forum

Within the EI SASA, a Forum is held that includes cycles of lectures, discussions, debates, publications promotions and research presentations. The goal of the Forum is to present recent research and publishing production by both the Institute`s associates and eminent scientists from both home and abroad. The topics of the Forum include current social and cultural processes and changes in Serbia, the region and worldwide. Special focus is given to the position of ethnological and anthropological science in society as well as the interdisciplinary connection in the domain of humanities, social sciences and other disciplines. The remit of the Forum is to introduce, affirm and popularize ethnology/anthropology, but also to encourage critical views from a scientific perspective.

Ethical code compliance

The Ethics Committee is concerned with respecting the Code of Ethics of the EI SASA. The committee evaluates all actions and condemns any that are contrary to the principals of this document and seeks to resolve potential professional and interpersonal conflicts. When submitting proposals for scientific projects, the committee assesses their compliance with the established international and national ethical standards as well as the ethical standards of the Institute.

International cooperation

The Working Group for International Cooperation coordinates the scientific cooperation of the EI SASA with partner institutions from abroad, realized through bilateral projects and agreements.

Organizing and tracking local and international scientific meetings

The Working group for the organization and monitoring of scientific gatherings in the country and abroad regularly informs the staff of thе Institute of Ethnography SASA about the relevant scientific gatherings in the country and abroad by e-mail. Scientific gatherings reported by the working group include conferences, congresses, summer schools and other scientific gatherings. The working group also provides support to scientific gatherings organized by the Institute of Ethnography SASA.

Field research

The Working Group for Field Research monitors the dynamics of field research realization within the planned activities of the EI SASA, coordinates the work of the field researchers and systematizes the field records.

Science Fund projects search Archival and fieldwork records

The Working Group for the Republic of Serbia`s Science Fund projects` main goal is to gather information and notify the Institute regarding current open calls announced by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia. Based on the workload of the Institute’s researchers during the preparation of the project proposals and the realization of the granted projects, the working group coordinates between the project teams and the EI SASA.

Radna grupa za dokumentaciju (arhivsku i terensku građu) instituta

The Working Group for Documentation (archival and fieldwork records) was formed to perform the tasks defined in point 2.2 of the EI SASA Strategy Framework, which emphasizes the necessity of establishing an internal documentation centre (archive) that would be in charge of arranging the current records, obtaining and archiving of new materials, as well as their digitalization.

Visual anthropology

The Working Group for Visual Anthropology deals with scientific, artistic and technological processes related to the creation of documentaries. The aim of this group`s work is the analysis of social phenomena, concepts and problems that, in addition to theoretical and written, require visual and artistic study.