Heritage of Emancipation: Empowering Roma Women through Networks of Solidarity 

The HEROINE project focuses on the issue of the emancipation of Roma women in Serbia, using a methodology that seeks to overcome the limitations of existing research. It is designed as a collaborative practice that emphasizes partnership with the community through the application of the participatory methodological tool of community mapping.

The basic idea of ​​the project is to offer a framework for understanding the process of emancipation of Roma women in certain communities in Serbia through participatory research and data collection. The participation of Roma women in all stages of implementation, from research design to data collection and their final selection, not only allows their voices and perspectives to be heard, but also contributes to strengthening the capacity of the community itself. The project results, such as the Community Mapping Manual, the publication and the mobile exhibition dedicated to the emancipation of Roma women, thus become a collaborative product that shows all their strength and resilience.

Community mapping, as the methodological base of the project, is a tool that basically aims to empower communities, through identifying existing resources and assets, as well as existing challenges. It is a "bottom-up" approach, which recognizes the importance of voices coming from the local community in defining its functioning. This methodology actively involves Roma women in the process of collecting material, enabling them to play a key role in decision-making during the entire process.

The key stakeholders in the project are Roma women from different communities, but also researchers, decision makers as well as citizens interested in the position of Roma women in society and their empowerment and emancipation.

Coordinator: Institute of Ethnography SASA.
Partners: Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade and Roma Women's Center Bibija.
Financier: Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN).

Contact: heroines2024@gmail.com