Gordana Stevanović Govedarica

Gordana Stevanović Govedarica

Research position: Head of legal, personnel and administrative affairs


  • 03/12/2018–Present: Senior Advisor, Ministry of Culture and Media, Belgrade (Serbia)
  • 28/11/2013–03/12/2018: Deputy ombudsman for the rights of the child and gender equality, Protector of Citizens - Ombudsman, Belgrade (Serbia)

Performing ombudsman duties in the area of children's rights and gender equality, issuing strategic and policy making decisions in child rights and gender equality, awareness raising and influencing on political and strategic decisions on all power levels, participating in drafting of strategic Ombudsman documents, such as Model Law on Gender Equality, issuing Ombudsman recommendations and special reports, such as Special Report on Protection of Women from Violence, Special Report on Participation of Women in Decision Making in Local Self Governments, Special Report on the Reproductive Health of Roma Women, and others.

  • 01/06/2008–28/11/2013: Assistant Secretary General, Protector of Citizens - Ombudsman, Belgrade (Serbia)

Supervising complaints handling, conducting control processes in critical cases, drafting recommendations and special reports, especially in the field of women rights and right to health.

  • 03/03/2001–01/06/2008: Legal consultant, NVO "Bibija", Belgrade (Serbia)

Participating in projects related to the improvement of the position of Roma women and children, legal research of legal and strategic framework related to Roma, leading legal counseling.

  • 01/03/2005–01/06/2008: Secretary general Anticorruption Board, Belgrade (Serbia)

Supervising the work of the Board's service

  • 16/11/2002–01/03/2005: Senior Advisor, Ministry of Culture and Media


  • 01/10/1989–01/04/1998: LLM in Law, Belgrade University - Faculty of Law, Belgrade (Serbia)

Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure Law; Civil Law; Administrative Law; Family Law; Trade Law; Constitutional Law & Labor Law.

  • 01/10/2007–13/05/2008: LLM in Public Administration, Belgrade University - Faculty of Law, Belgrade (Serbia)

Anticorruption policy & anticorruption EU law.