Jelenа Čvorović

Jelenа Čvorović

Academic title: PhD

Research position: Principal Research Fellow

Fields of interest: evolutionary behavioral sciences, biocultural anthropology, culture – health interactions.

Education / Qualifications

2012 Acquired the position of Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnography of SASA

2003 Acquired the position of Research Associate at the Institute of Ethnography of SASA

2001 Completed doctoral studies in Anthropology at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA

1994 Completed master studies in Archaeology at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

1992 Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, with a degree in Archaeology


2021 The Institute of Ethnography of SASA

Editorial Service

2023 Review editor Frontiers in Public Health/Child Health/ Child Pediatrics

2014 / present Member of the editorial advisory board in The Mankind Quarterly.

2004-2014 Member of the editorial advisory board in Bulletin of the IE SASA.

Reviewer for International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; Behavioral Sciences; Methods and Protocols, HOMO; Medical Sciences.


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