SASA Institute of Ethnography would like to invite you to attend the lecture “Among Digital Humanists: An Ethnographic Study on the Development of Digital Research Capacity in the Social Sciences and Humanities” by Smiljana Antonijević Uboa, PhD, (Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago). The lecture will be held at noon, on Monday, October 2, 2023, in the SASA building (Knez Mihailova 36), 1st floor, room 102.

Theoretical discussions on this issue have been ongoing for more than twenty years; However empirical research is very rare, which further mystifies reflections on what scientific-research capacities are needed by researchers in the social sciences and humanities in the digital age. This lecture tries to shed light on the link that is often missing in these discussions. The author first gives a brief overview of the development of the field of digital humanities, and then presents the results of a three-year ethnographic research conducted in 23 academic institutions in the USA and Europe, as well as a strategy for establishing cognitive, value-based  and technical capacities in the social sciences and humanities resulting from  this research. Finally, the lecture briefly presents how this strategy is implemented within the research project “Library on Kosančićev Venac: Social Memory and Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age”, which is supported by the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), and has the aim to examine the dynamics of the process of social memory and cultural heritage preservation in the digital age using the example of the digital reconstruction of the library on Kosančićev Venac.