A lecture by Peter Locke, PhD, (Northwestern University, USA), will be held on Monday, December 11, 2023, starting at 11 am, in the SASA Building (Knez Mihailova 36) 1st floor, room 102. 

Peter Locke, PhD, is a cultural and medical anthropologist who studies the anthropological aspect of global health and humanitarian interventions in post conflict societies. His field research, writing and teaching explore and criticize the intertwining of humanitarian work and dominant models of evidence production in the context of disputable local politics and long history of conflict and massive violence. In his lecture “City of Survivors: Trauma and Humanitarian Psychiatry in Postwar Sarajevo” he will present the results of the research on how the people of Sarajevo deal with traumatic histories and rebuild their lives in the new postwar state and economy: more precisely, he will indicate the impact and sustainability of humanitarian psychiatry and psychosocial support services for war survivors in Sarajevo.