As part of the continuation of cooperation in the field of joint publishing activities of the SASA Institute of Ethnography and the Archives of Vojvodina, a meeting between the associates of our two institutions was held on March, 10, in the SASA Institute of Ethnography. On this occasion, Bojana Bogdanović, PhD, senior research associate of the SASA Institute of Ethnography, and Kristijan Obšust, MA, associate of the Archives of Vojvodina, agreed on the dynamics of the implementation of activities on the editing of the Edited Volume, which will be co-published in the second half of this year by these two renowned institutions. In the joint publication, entitled “Anthropology in the future – an interdisciplinary approach”, the works of scientists from Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia will be published.

The editors of the Edited Volume that is being prepared are Bojana Bogdanović, PhD, and Kristijan Obšust, MA, and the editors-in-chief are Professor Dragana Radojičić, PhD, director of the SASA Institute of Ethnography, and Nebojša Kuzmanović, PhD, director of the Archives of Vojvodina.