The collection of works “Propaganda and Public Narratives in Socialist Yugoslavia” has just been published by the Archives of Vojvodina and the SASA Institute of Ethnography. It opens a dialogue on the importance, role and characteristics of socialist propaganda and narrative practices. The collection consists of six works by a single author and two co-authored scientific analyses compiled by authors of a multilateral professional orientation and professional engagement.  The published works cover a wide range of topics of various theoretical and methodological positions such as monumental heritage of socialism and its narrative function, the role of public institutions in the discourse of Yugoslavian socialism and the importance of print media in spreading socialist propaganda as well as everyday and holiday related socialist practices. The publication was edited by Bojana Bogdanović, PhD, a research associate of the SASA Institute of Ethnography and Kristijan Obšust, MA, an associate of the Archives of Vojvodina.


The collection of works can be viewed at the following link: