16th SIEF (International Society for Ethnology and Folklore) Congress “Living Uncertainty” took place in Brno (Czech Republic) from June 7 to 10, 2023. Aleksandra Pavićević, PhD, Marta Stojić Mitrović, PhD, and Branko Banović, PhD, participated in the congress on behalf of the SASA Institute of Ethnography. 

Aleksandra Pavićević, PhD, one of the conveners of the “Funeral Rituals” panel, presented the topic: “Minute of Silence: The Development of Modern Cremation in the European Communist Countries”. Marta Stojić Mitrović, PhD, was one of the conveners of the “Encampment in Europe in a Comparative Perspective” panel, whereas at the panel “Into the Unknown: Uncertainness as the Common Condition of Mobility [Working Group on Migration and Mobility]”, together with Marijana Hameršak, (Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb) and Simon Campbell (University of Graz) she discussed the topic “The Railway and Clandestine Migration along the Balkan Migratory Trail”. Branko Banović, PhD, presented “Return to Ethnology as a Prerequisite for Heritage Diplomacy – Insights from the Western Balkans”, at the panel “Living Heritage as a Source of Resilience in Times of Uncertainty”, co-authored by Miloš Milenković, PhD, Marko Pišev, PhD, Jelena Ćuković, PhD, (The Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology), and Marko Milenković, PhD (Institute of Social Sciences Belgrade).