It is with great pleasure to inform that the associates of the SASA Institute of Ethnography Lada Stevanović, PhD, Mladena Prelić, PhD, and Miroslava Lukić Krstanović, PhD, have received the “Anđelka Milić“ Award in the category of scientific research for 2021 awarded by SEFEM (Section for Feminist Research and Critical Studies on Masculinity). The awarded project “The Position of Women Scientists in Society and Labor Market in Serbia“drew attention to some crucial problems faced by women scientists in the perception and evaluation of their contribution to science and society, and helped form a scientific basis that could help resolve these issues as well as encourage better connection among women scientists and their mutual cooperation. Furthermore, the final outcome of this project is highly valued - Collection of works “Women Scientists in Society“ explains, using both synchronic and diachronic perspectives, the position of science and women scientists in society as well as the position and significance of feminist approach and methodologies in (Humanities) sciences and disciplines and as a whole represents an important contribution to contemporary feminist knowledge.

More information on the awarded project and the winners can be found at the following link: