We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting proposals for the SASA Institute of Ethnography`s Awards for the year 2020-2021. is extended until 31st October, 2021.

Awards are given in 2021 for:

  1. Overall engagement and contribution to ethnological and anthropological research, organization, realization and publication of results, and contribution to the establishment of the ethnological and anthropological institutions
  2. Results from ethnological and anthropological research conducted in the two-year period until the conclusion of the competition

The nominees can be institutions or individuals.

The proposal must contain a written explanation consisting of no more than one third of the author`s sheet (up to 10,000 characters).

The proposals should be submitted to the SASA Institute of Ethnography, Knez Mihailova 36, 11000 Belgrade, and labeled “For the SASA Institute of Ethnography Award”.

The award consists of a plaque and an accompanying document explaining the award, issued by the Institute.