Milesa Stefanović-Banović, PhD, senior research associate of the SASA Institute of Ethnography gave a lecture “Gavrilo Stefanović Venclović, a hieromonk, a writer and a famous preacher from Szentendre” in the Museum of the Diocese of Buda, on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, as part of the Serbian Days event. 

Milesa Stefanović-Banović, PhD, presented information from Venclović`s life and presented his contribution to the Serbian literature, culture and science in general. His Grace Bishop of Buda, Mr Lukijan and Vera Pejić-Sutor, president of the Self-Government of the Serbs in Hungary attended the lecture.

At the end of the program everyone received a book “Venclović`s Szentendre Bukvar (Alphabet Book)” which was published owing to the effort of Milesa`s late father, professor Dimitrije E. Stefanović-Micko and her mentor professor Tomislav Jovanović, PhD.