A lecture by Dunja Njaradi, PhD, “Choreography, Revolution, War: Kozara Kolo in the Light of Anthropology and  Dance Studies” will be held in the SASA Institute of Ethnography (Knez Mihailova 36, 1st floor, room 102) at 11:00 on Monday, May 29th, 2023. The topic of the lecture is the challenges of theorizing dance practices that emerged during the war and revolutions with a special reference to the dance practices that took place in partisan units during the Second World War in Yugoslavia. The lecture will shed light on the neglected heritage of partisan dance practices, focusing on Kozara kolo within two opposing theoretical paradigms. The first is the paradigm of anthropology of dance, which sees dance as a cultural action with an emphasis on function and context. The second is the dance study paradigm, which emphasizes vital and phenomenological theoretical traditions with a focus on the rhythm and energy of the human body. The lecture will cross these two approaches by observing the Kozara kolo as a paradigmatic revolutionary dance that implies the transformation of the individual subject as well as the transformation of the ‘collective’ body through the act of dancing.