A new monograph "Love Threads Concepts of Love in European and Serbian Culture", by Ivana Bašić, PhD, Senior Research Associate of the SASA Institute of Ethnography has been published by the Institute. The monograph describes various conceptualizations of love in European and Serbian culture. It explains why one such extremely intimate emotion is actually both an intersection and a source of significant social topics, or, in short, the creator of everything; from human life itself to individual and collective identity and transformations of communities and cultures. Consequently it (should) represents one of the key cultural, anthropological, sociological, theological and philosophical terms and deserves to be treated as a separate discipline.

The new monograph can be viewed and downloaded at the following link: https://etno-institut.co.rs/storage/623/61a5d2900f537_Ivana-Basic-Ljubavne-niti.-Koncepti-ljubavi-u-evropskoj-i-srpskoj-kulturi.pdf