The promotion of the scientific monograph “Serbs in Romania” will be held at 1:00pm,on Friday, September 22, 2023,in the SASA Building (Knez Mihailova 36) 1st floor, room 102. This is a two-volume monograph published in 2022 by the Union of Serbs of Romania and the SASA Institute of Ethnography. The first volume “Ethnological Research and Synthesis: Heritage, Culture, Origin”, is written by Ivica Todorović, PhD, and Nina Aksić, PhD, and the second volume “Ethnological Research of Christmas, Slava and Wedding.” by Milina Ivanović Barišić, PhD, Đorđina Trubarac Matic, PhD, and Bojana Bogdanović, PhD. The monograph “Serbs in Romania” in addition to the  broader topic of  Serbian-Romanian relations, (re)examines  various  thematic units such as: Serbian roots, the people of Banat and their ubiquity, specific ethnic groups, autochthony of the Serbian people, genetics, assimilation, massive pogrom and similar. It also gives an overview of the  (institutional and individual) research on the culture of Serbs in Romania carried out so far , and consolidates  the results of field research of Serbian Christmas, Slava and wedding customs in the Romanian part of Banat done as part of the project Research of Culture and History of Serbs in Romania

The speakers at the promotion are as follows:

Professor Mihai Milјa Radan, PhD, editor of the two-volume monograph 

Saša Jašin, PhD, director of the publishing of the Union of Serbs of Romania 

Ognjan Krstić, publisher

Gordana Blagojević, PhD, reviewer of the monograph 

Milina Ivanović Barišić, PhD, co-author of the monograph