A series of scientific presentations organised by the SASA Institute of Ethnography continues in 2023. During the spring of this year, a number of lectures and seminars will be held in our institution. Associate Professor Duško Petrović, PhD, (the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb) will have a lecture in March, Noel Putnik, PhD, (SASA Institute of Ethnography) in April, Professor Dunja Njaradi, PhD, (Faculty of Music in Belgrade) in May and Emilija Kartalija, MA, (SASA Institute of Ethnography), and we also expect other guest appearances. An appropriate event on the occasion of the publication of a collection of scientific works dedicated to the late Aleksandra Krel, PhD, where we will evoke his life and professional path, will be organised. This spring will be dedicated to a recent publishing production of the SASA Institute of Ethnography: last year and the year before, four monographs were published in the newly-launched Metroon edition, and the issues from this series and its authors will be presented to a Belgrade audience. The exact dates of these events will be announced to our colleagues and the public in a timely manner through our online platforms.