During June, the first phase of mapping the heritage of women emancipation in Roma communities was carried out. The collection of data was created through work in focus groups in three cities - Kostolac, Belgrade and Pirot. The moderators of the focus group discussions were members of the Citizens' Association "Successful women" in Kostolac, the Roma Women's Center "Bibija" in Belgrade and the Citizens' Association "Ternipe" in Pirot. The focus groups were conducted on the basis of the Research Guide, which insists on five basic questions - to whom, when, why, how and where Roma women turn for support, resources, achievement and celebration of their breakthrough from imposed social and family conditions and limitations. Over 80 Roma women of different ages (18-65) participated in this phase of the project, whose life stories were documented in the form of audio recordings. On this occasion, a significant number of personal items, which will receive the status of exhibits in the planned exhibition were collected. In continuation of the project activities, the field material will be professionally processed and presented to the wider public in the form of a publication and exhibition planned for 2025.