You are invited to the lecture: “Religion and Space: The Gradation of Sacredness in the Example of the Temple of Jerusalem” on Friday, 4th June, at noon, via Zoom.

The Temple of Jerusalem, in its spatial structure, is based on the “Tent of Meeting” that the people of Israel built in the Sinai desert in the 14th century BC. As such, it represents a model of a monotheistic temple and a paradigm for all subsequent monotheistic structures. The lecture will be about the Temple of Jerusalem from the period of Herod the Great (from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD). The spatial design of the structure will be analyzed, with particular emphasis on the division of the space and “the gradation of sacredness”, with the aim of understanding the symbols and their meanings, which are a reflection of this specific cosmogony.

Lecturer: Čedomila Marinković, PhD, Art Historian, Judaist and Research Associate

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