The SASA Institute of Ethnography has nurtured a fruitful and successful cooperation with the ZRC SAZU Institute of Slovenian Ethnology for a number of years. The result of the cooperation of the two institutions so far has been reflected in the intensive exchange of researchers, the organization of international conferences with the participation of scientists from both institutions, and the organization of projects of regional institutional cooperation, which represents a significant contribution to the comparative perspective of observing the cultural changes both at home and abroad.

Professor Dragana Radojičić, PhD, director of the SASA Institute of Ethnography and Ingrid Slavec Gradišnik, PhD, head of the ZRC SAZU Institute of Slovenian Ethnology agreed at a recent meeting in Ljubljana to continue the cooperation between our two institutions, while specifying the activities that will be implemented in the coming period. The meeting was also attended by Professor Dan Podjed, PhD, research associate of the ZRC SAZU Institute of Slovenian Ethnology.