The topic of the current issue is “Culture of `New Normality` - local and global perspectives". The aim of this issue is to provide insights to its readers into various aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic`s influences, from theoretical insights regarding public health issues, political analysis of the consequences of the crisis to ethnographies connected to specific social groups, such as students and the elderly. The works presented in this issue offer, among other things, a valuable reflection on important phenomena “captured” in the moment in which they occurred and, thus, include, documenting certain phases of the pandemic reality that are subjected to rapid changes in an ever-increasing actuality. The editors of the issue are Vesna Trifunović, PhD, Research Associate and Ivan Đorđević, PhD, Senior Research Associate of the SASA Institute of Ethnography.

Volume 69 Issue 3 of the Bulletin of the SASA IE can be viewed and downloaded at the following link: