The virtual presentation of the titles of the publications is a result of the exhibition organized in SASA alongside the scientific conference “Women Scientists in Society”, as part of the project “Position of Women Scientists in Society and on the Labor Market in Serbia” (UNESCO participation program). The virtual presentation includes the titles of the various monographs written by the conference participants, studies on the women scientists presented in the conference, collection of works and magazines that explore the topic of feminism. The aim of the presentation is to consolidate publications from various disciplines, to present the accomplishments of women scientists and to draw attention to the necessity of continuity in presenting women scientists in science. It also represents the initial idea of the creation of a virtual library about women scientists in science.

Prepared by:

Biljanja Milenković-Vuković, Senior Librarian EI SASA

Milan Tomašević, PhD, Research Associate EI SASA

The presentation can be viewed at the following link: