It is with pleasure that we can inform you that the United Nations Development Program in Serbia published the study “Small arms and light weapons, gender-based violence and domestic violence: analysis of regulatory framework and practice”, written by our colleague Gordana Stevanović Govedarica, the head of legal, personnel and administrative affairs of the SASA Institute of Ethnography. By documenting existing improvements in the regulatory and institutional framework for the prevention of and protection against domestic violence, this recently published study aims to determine the space and possibilities for the further improvement of an effective response by the state  to the misuse of firearms in the context of domestic violence and, in this way, to contribute to further steps that will lead to better safety within our society and our homes through protection from violence and firearms misuse. The analysis of the national normative legal framework and its compliance with international documents was conducted as part of the project “Reduce Risk, Increase Safety-toward the reduction of firearms misuse in the context of domestic violence”, which was conducted by the United Nations Development Program in Serbia.

The publication can be viewed via the following link: