Cultures and borders

Cultures and borders



Editing the Collection of Papers "Culture and Borders" with contributions from the scientific conference held in Vrsac 6-8 October 2011.

International Scientific Conference Vršac, 6th to 8th October 2011


Conference topic

The aim of the conference Cultures and Borders is to envisage processes of individual and collective identification within limits and beyond borders, both symbolic and administrative, as well as issues of migrations and ethnicity, i.e. ethnic minorities, ethnic cultures and their presentations. The goal is to interpret mentioned topics bearing in mind physical borders (political, geographic, administrative) and questions of cross-border cooperation of neighboring communities (inter-ethnic or bilateral national relations, economic cooperation of borderline communities, migrations of labor force, flux of refugees and asylum seekers etc.), or therefore lack of, primarily focusing on borderline regions of Serbia and neighboring countries. Also, we hope to hear discussions which would deal with symbolic borders (cultural, ethnic, religious etc.) segregating particular communities or societies, which would also interpret the character, history or (in)stability of those borders and characteristics of social contacts reaching across them (cultural transfer, intercultural dialogue, intergroup mobility etc.), both through theoretical discourse and case studies from various countries.

Conference venues:

City Museum Vršac Vršac City Hall


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Zorica Divac, M. Phil.
Chief of the organization board

Dragana Radojičić, PhD
Director of the Ethnographic Institute SASA