Scientific research into migration processes in Serbia: issues and initiatives, roundtable discussion

Scientific research into migration processes in Serbia: issues and initiatives, roundtable discussion


Organizer: Institute of Ethnography SASADate and time: December 8th 2014 at 10am,

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Knez Mihailova Street 35/I, conference room 3.


Scientific research into the phenomenon of migration in Serbia has a long tradition and is continually conducted in different social sciences and humanities – ethnology and anthropology, sociology, history, linguistics, demography, psychology, law, political science, criminology etc. The results of the research published in monographs and papers point to a research valorization and scientific competence in shedding light on this phenomenon. However, adequate communication among researchers has been lacking. The research often stayed within disciplinary boundaries, which disabled or at the very least confined the process of understanding the results and their significance for an interdisciplinary perspective. Seeing as migration today is a planetary phenomenon, equally important on both the global and local levels, we think that it would be practical to present and establish a connection between studies on this phenomenon which were conducted up to this point. This will serve as a basis for future interdisciplinary networking and cooperation for both researchers and research topics. We are of the opinion that only coordinated scientific research into the phenomenon of migration in Serbia and the region can adequately represent this phenomenon on the national and international scientific scene.
The first step in the realization of this idea is the roundtable titled Scientific research into the phenomenon of migration in Serbia: issues and initiatives. It is envisaged that the roundtable, based on the results of previous research, will point out the issues with which the research was faced and encourage initiatives for further research.
The roundtable will focus on these major themes:
·         Theoretical and methodological approaches of different disciplines which entail specific scientific trends and consider historical, socio-political and cultural circumstances in which the research was conducted. Focus will be on diachronic and synchronic dimensions of scientific research into the phenomenon of migration.
·         The research represents complicated, often sensitive work, because it entails following human movement which deeply affects the psychological, political, socio-economic, and cultural conditions and consequences which affect the lives of individuals and communities alike. It is necessary to point out certain methodological issues: what, where, how and why to research, and to define basic problems and hardships faced by migration researchers in Serbia.
·         The purpose of this roundtable discussion is to initiate future interdisciplinary networking which would entail working to create a common platform, keeping in mind theoretical, methodological and research approaches specific to each area of study (for example: creating a database, work on bibliographies, tracking current domestic and international projects and programs, as well as other forms of scientific interaction).

Aside from the discussants announced in the program, it is possible to register for short discussions (up to 5 minutes) and participation in the work of the Forum before the start of the Roundtable.

The full Book of Abstracts is avaliable online. Please download your copy here

Organizational committee:

Dr Mladena Prelić
Dr Biljana Sikimić
Dr Miroslava Lukić Krstanović
Dr Jadranka Đorđević Crnobrnja
Dr Sanja Zlatanović
Mr Marta Stojić Mitrović